IMG_0098 ast week I was interviewed by a Russian national TV-company from Izvestia about the “bot of the dead” (see my last blog).  I will post the interview when it´s published (exciting about the possibility that my voice is going to be replaced by a Russian voice…)

It was an interesting experience to be interviewed instead of being the one who interviews. I think the team was professional, so I am looking forward to the result.

Interesting also to see that this issue seems to be a heated topic. The journalist, Alexandra Lusnikova, asked questions about Sweden and secularization. Could it be possible that the technique to talk to a robot instead of your loved one is developed in Sweden has to do with secularization and with loneliness? The reporter asked.

I think it is quite possible. However, I heard earlier that week about Japanese men falling in love with their robots. So, it´s not only Swedes being lonely…

Maybe the author Michel Houllebecqs novel “La possibilité d´une île” is not that far from a possible future. In this story, there are several versions of the main character Daniel, and the different Daniels only communicate with people through digital communication. I must say, though, that I hope this isn´t the future. But it´s a good story, a follower to George Orwells “1984” or Swedish “Kallocain” by Karin Boye.