Christmas Trees can be used to create a better environment for fish.

Christmas Trees can be used to create a better environment for fish.

Do you use to make New Year´s Resolutions?

I don´t usually make promises about training or eating or saving more money.  However, this year, I have been thinking about other things I want to change in my life.

Earlier this week, as I took a short walk in center Stockholm, I saw a bunch of Christmas Trees on a boat. On the quayside, some young men were carrying the trees to the boat, and others were talking with by-passers. When I got closer, I could hear that they informed about what they were doing with the now somewhat sad-looking Christmas trees and they also told by-passers about their club for recreational fishing. They had brought a small aquarium to the quay-side to demonstrate how these Christmas trees could be recycled and used to produce a healthier environment for small fish.

In the aquarium they had put tree branches. Small fish were happily swimming in and out in-between the tree branches. The fishermen said that they were going to throw the Christmas Trees into the Sea, not too far from the quayside. And so, these trees would do some good in their second life.

And as I went on walking, I started thinking about using what you already have in new, creative ways. Often in the beginning of a new year, you have many ideas about starting new activities, live healthier, going to the gym etc. You feel the need to start a new life, and this new life includes very often the extra expenditures: a gym card, new clothes, a personal trainer, a coach…

But what if instead, you try to use things you already have? I think this could apply not only to training and eating but also to gifts you wish to develop.  Instead of looking for something completely new, why not start with making better use of what you already have?

I would call this activity mental re-cycling, and it will be my New Year´s Resolution. Can I find new ways to use what I already learnt? Can I find more creative ways for social activities? Can I use my apartment, my things and my time better?