From time to time I worry about not keeping up with technology. It all goes so quickly. It seems as if we change mail systems and publishing tools every second week.

I forget my personal codes, I manage to publish photos of people with their heads cut off, et cetera. I try to download the new version of skype and I fail.

But the other day I experienced an emotion of comfort and calm, when I found out that not everything is computerized and digitalized. Good old days returned. I remembered my first job at Hallandsposten, the summer of 77 ( not quite sure about this, but I think it was in 77).

During those days we used a pen (among other things) to produce the paper. And the pen is still in use, as you can see – these sketches are up to date, I found them the other day at my paper Dagen.

(“Fredagstidning” means “Friday´s paper”). People have told me to get rid of the pen. No journalist use a pen and a notebook any more, they say. They are wrong! I will keep my pen!IMG_0206