"Stallet" in Stockholm present  music from all over the World.

”Stallet” in Stockholm present music from all over the World.

Saturday evening I went to a concert with my son. We listened to Sousou and Maher Cissoko – two musicians from two countries with different musical traditions who now form both a couple and a band. Sousou is from Sweden, Maher is from Sénégal. They met in Sénégal, when Sousou was learning how to play the kora, a West African instrument.

I had heard the band before, I liked it a lot the first time, and even more the second time. Sousou and Maher are excellent kora players, and they also sing well and are good song-writers. They sing about love, about difficulties in life, and indeed also about happiness and joy.

During the concert they talked about the difficulties refugees coming to Europe face. I find that kind of awareness and commitment to humanity as a whole very nice, it kind of adds something to the cultural value. Some would say this is political correctness. I call it truth.

You can listen to a short part of the concert here – or you can buy the bands brand new cd, “Made of music” (Jaliva).