I just havet o return to this topic.

Yesterday, over 4000 Swedish female journalists signed a petition protesting to sexual harassment in the media sphere, #deadline.IMG_0043 I am one of them.

During the last weeks actors, lawyers, politicians and journalists have witnessed about sexual harassment within each area. The anonymous statements we have been reading in the press are often horrifying.

Some say the #metoo-campaign is about “therapy”. Others say it is about “revenge”. Even if I can´t speak on behalf of all those thousands of women, I must say I personally think there is something much bigger going on.

I think we are in the middle of a historical turning point. I think this is something you will read about in the future.

There will be a “before #metoo” and an “after #metoo”. At least, I hope so. Because this is what many of us want: we want to create a better place for our daughters, our grand-daughters, and for all young girls who full of hope and energy enter work life. We want to create work-places where there is zero tolerance for bullying and sex harassment.

This is the main thing about #metoo.

I am convinced that this will benefit men, too!

( The photo is from Berlin – a piece of the Berlin Wall)